In less than 7 years, Mercedes-Benz plans to ditch petroleum-powered vehicles from its lineup. Focusing on electric, fuel cell, and biofuels, the company is revving up research in alternative fuel sources and efficiency.

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Amazing it's taken a Car manufacture this long really. Take a look at some of the Steam and Electric (yes Electric) Lorries that trundled London's Streets in the Car Museum at Syon Park (in West London). Croyden (in London) has an excellent TRAM system and lately been copied and installed in Edinburgh. A Bit of a gap I know for the rest of us in the UK. But it will happen locally at Council level as it catches on. Not all Motorists are impressed with Electric car performance and it's unlikely to unimpress TOP GEAR presenters. But then again I am not totally opposed to Petrol and Diesel either but it increasingly the choice will be financial and it makes sense to me that Mercedes is leading the way.