I've had a lot of problems with my Xbox over the past month, for starters the day after I purchased Gears Of War 2 the machine red ringed and had to go away for repair. This took about a week and my Xbox came back with one months free Xbox Live.

The last time I used Xbox Live was over 6 months ago but with a new game I decided it would be fun to play online again. When I tried to redeem the Xbox Live Code I was given an error message and had to call Xbox Support.

It turned out that because I cancelled my credit card half way through a year long Xbox Live subscription they had locked my account (tip: always buy the pre-paid cards rather than using your credit card online). It took them a further two weeks to unlock my account.


Or alternatively make it free like the PSN

Ideally that would be the best thing to do.

I do like Pete's idea, though making the gaming online experience for free would be good. Its a shame all that has happened pete I really do enjoy playing on my xbox Chrisy Da Boy

He is right its always better to buy your subscriptions with prepaid cards rather than through credit cards.