I'm a huge Command & Conquer fan so when I saw the new box set of all the games in the series for £20, i brought it.

I'm not a huge fan of serial numbers, those annoying things you always have to enter. Never the less I put up with them but the Command & Conquer First Decade install took the piss.


The first screen asked for the First Decade serial followed by this screen:


Then after this I was asked to enter another one!!!

The game is still installing, looking forward to playing it.

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Hi Stu, yea man can you please email the ZH codes to [email protected]

Cheers mate :D

They kept the box, but have lost the manual for C & C the first decade!

Can anyone help me out with the codes for all the games?


It would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much

If you need the serials for this game plz email me or something @ [email protected] and i will get back to you asap with the serials....




i do

please people,if any of you have the codes,I need them,trust me I dident download it illeagally,I just want to play this amazing game.I had on my comp,but I had to get a memory whip.SO it knocked everything of,I dont have the booklet anymore,it got destroyed in a flood,so please help me [email protected]

hey  can some1  email methe    c odes on [email protected]

yeah send the codes to me i need them send to the email [email protected]

Loast first Decade cd key some time while moving does any 1 know where I could get 1?


yea sure, send me ur email address to [email protected] and ill email u a set of codes


its [email protected]


but i only need thre 1st dec code and the renegade code ty

i really need thos codes i cant play i lost the box and i cant get the gaem back can you plz send the codes for me?

hey stu can u plz email me the codes for command and conquer first decade? i rlly need them...i lost my booklet in the move from florida lol...... but ya i need all of them.... thanks man email is... [email protected]

lol i lost my games book 2 and  need the zero hour code

i lost the manual command and general first decade as well, if you can email the key code to [email protected].. Greatly appreciated.


 i also lost my damn book for the first decade:S  do u have a spare one.. i realy dont care if it isnt playable on the net..

 thnks HEAPS in advance..

stu can you send me the codes for all plz would be much appreciated for command and conquer The first decade or any1 the shud put codes on disk would be smart thing but then they couldnt charge 10 bucks for each of codes

hey if anyone can please send me the codes for this command & conquer the first decade game i would love it thanks. i just moved an lost the box or whatever it was on but if u wanna just AIM me my Screen Name is Yungthug813to304

Have you got all the codes for Command and Conquer First Decade please?

That would be a big help asap please.

 email me to this address: [email protected] please


Ya, i need the code for C&C Z.H. ... Could you email them to me???

He doesnt reply back.....................

He doesnt reply back.....................

hey could you send me all the codes for command and conquer the first decade...got the game from my cousin, but he lost the numbers.....thanx eric b.

hi ppl,

 If u email me codes at  [email protected] i will send them to you within a day!!! they arnt usable online but it will get the game installed!!!


dude i so need the codes i cant find my owners manual for the first decade and its not on the box , if you got em id be greatfull!!! cheers

please i'm one of those which don't have the s/n on the box, so if you can please send it to [email protected]

Hey i found my c&c generals box all i need is generals and zero hour also the first decade serial could you please email some to me please that would be really appreciated!!1

hello,i need help,i lost the instal codes! im not doing this illegaly or something because i bought it myself,can any1 email me the codes?! any help would be appreciated,ty :)))) my email is [email protected]

Hi, I lost the booklet with all the codes for cnc the first decade.  Can someone please email me the codes??!!  I am a huge cnc fan and it just drives me crazy not being able to play.  I had it installed on my old computer, but it died, and now I have a new one but no codes for the installation..  Please Help...  [email protected]




do som body have coeds for the fist decade?

plis help me!

could u send me them plz


many thanks

Hey i need all the codes for first decade. ouse cought fire and the box was the victim. PLease!!!!!! This apartmant is sooo boring i need C&C!!! Email me, [email protected]

Hey, got a new computer, lost the box and I can't play the game without the installation codes, what a pain. Could someone please help me out and email me the codes to [email protected]?

Hey, got a new computer, lost the box and I can't play the game without the installation codes, what a pain. Could someone please help me out and email me the codes to [email protected]?

Hey, I got a new computer, but lost the box and manual with C&C decades installation codes. Can someone please email them to [email protected] Thanks!

please send me some codes! i lost mine and its driving me crazyYell