By Pete | @kingpetey | 16 Oct 2006

Last week I went on holiday to Rhodes with Laura, here is my diary. We stayed in the Oceanis hotel in Ixia, a few miles from Rhodes Town.

**this post has been corrupted**


Hehe good way of describing our holiday. Hopefully we won't encounter old people next year ;)

Hi Pete and Laura,

Me and my other half have booked 2 weeks in the Oceanis Hotel in May. The only bad things Ive heard is about the drinks you get all inclusive. Ive heard its crappy wine and flat beer? Is this true. Anymore information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Vicky and Dan


im looking to go to oceanis Hotel in September this year , any tips on the hoilday


If I remember the food wasn't bad and the all inclusive drinks are the local crappy ones!