About two months ago I sold my first website on Flippa.com, a site dedicated to buying and selling websites and domains. Launched earlier this year by a team from the internet resources site Sitepoint the marketplace is like Ebay for buying and selling websites.

The site I sold was www.ipodhistory.com, I originally bought the site from the Digital Point Forums about 18months earlier for $180 (£90 at the time), it was my most expensive site I had bought and was a relatively big gamble. Over the following year and a half I invested in search engine optimisation, added new content and grew a community. In this time I tripled the traffic and advertising revenue. 

I listed the site on Flippa and immediately received interest and a number of offers. After around two weeks the site sold for $2000 (£1300). I was paid through PayPal and the transaction went very quickly and smoothly. 

You can list sites on Flippa either with an auction style listing or where people submit private bids for a site. Flippa charge a listing fee with various optional extras (about $28 for my site) plus a final value fee of 5% (with a cap of $498). 

It's sad to see the iPod History site go from my portfolio but I'm more than happy with the return on investment. 


Glad to hear you had a positive experience especially in this climate.  :)  I really need to get motivated and do something with the endless list of domain names lol.

Thanks Si, its been a difficult year with the advertising market. I've spent most of the afternoon going through all the advertising sites I'm registered on adjusting the keywords, categories and prices to try to encourage some more ad sales.

I'm glad you had a positive experience with Flippa. Most the publicity for them seems to be negative and they are actively deleted anything critical about their site - even constructive criticism - on both Sitepoint forums and the Flippa blog.

The only honest debates about Flippas as a place to sell sites is on other forums - like the forum in my signature. It's a new forum but has most of the SP and Flippa regular posters who've moved over there en masse in the last week.

It takes a lot to p*ss off all your main forum members together. But they've managed it. Well done, people!

 How difficult was it to let go of a website you grew from scratch? I have a website now that I'm currently investing in and it looks like it's going to continue to grow. I'm thinking of selling it in the future (listing it on Flippa like you maybe), but the letting go part might be hard...

 Its hard at first but good to be paid well for your effort.