Comment Luv Drupal is the Drupal based version of the popular Wordpress plugin.

When someone posts a comment on your site Comment Luv attempts to find their latest blog post and add the title and link to the bottom of their comment. Comment Luv is great for attracting people to comment on your blogs and a great way to build back links to your site.

The development release 0.1 is the same as what is used here on ImAFish. The Comment Luv Wordpress plugin has been written by Andy Baily of FiddyP, with his permission and guidance I have simply removed the Wordpress hooks and replaced them with Drupal hooks.


Official releases Date Size Links Status
6.x-1.1-beta1 2008-Sep-18 9.87 KB  


Thank you so much for doing this :)...but now i have to google Drupal *laughs*

It's good to know that my new Drupal site can now benefit from this same feature. Cool. Plus I just added you to a list of CommentLuv blogs over at one of my Wordpress blogs.

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Sorry for the double comment. Used the wrong blog in the homepage field. :)

Thanks Stephan, we are currently working on a newer better version of commentluv that will hopefully be finished in the next couple of weeks.

cool, thanks ofr this great module

Oh this is greatness.

I hope to see it working on authenticated users soon, as anonymous users can not comment on my drupal site. Thanks for doing this! :)

Thanks for the plugin to be able to give people a nice incentive for commenting. I will be using this for quite a while.

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I've used commentluv for a while and love that it transforms a standard blog into more of a community.

Hi and thanks for the module. Its so great to have people like you who take the time to port great plug ins from WP to Drupal. Wish I could do that too.

Interesting!CommentLuv helps you reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their site. This gives them improved anchor text, which can help their site rank higher in the search engine results.You can now leave a comment with your name as well as a keyword of your choice here and get a PR5 link back to your site! How cool is that? People pay big bucks for that and all you have to do is comment here.

can i take this for flogspot? thanks

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I use commentluv on all of my main blogs. I think it is a good way to help all the internet marketers out there. You would want the someone else to help you with your venture, wouldn't you?

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Very cool.

Commentluv is a great plugin. I use it in my wp blog. Great way to create links. It's nice to see it is available for Drupal

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I'm using Drupal 6. I'd love to know when you have a module for this version :)

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well done mate, looks like you've cracked it with the code.

I had a few problems putting this on my drupal blog and so I removed it. Maybe I'll try it again and hope it works :)

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builds back links to the blog owners site? or the commenters site.

Hm... That's interesting. Considering to install it on my site.

Lol on the top comment- I had to google drupal too! I'm considering dumping my free wp blog, just so I can use Comment Luv. Maybe I should wait awhile before making any sudden moves!

Thanks for the info. Is there any way to find blogs specifically that use comment luv?

Yet another reason for me to upgrade to version 6. Do you know if anyone has ported a linky love or something similar to where you can specify comments become followed only after a certain number of approved comments?

I totally agree that Comment Luv is a great litte WordPress plug-in and so is Keyword Luv.  I've been most definitely noticing the difference since I've begun using them.

Excellent.... This module will definitely help me to get more comments on my blogs :)

Thank you.

Thanks for supplying this plugin. It works great on my website.



Commentluv is fantastic, it certainly has hleped me increase my blog, and now the blog is part of a larger community. Whoever developed it WELL DONE!

Graham Gallagher.