Welcome to ImAFish video, check out some of our lo-budget releases:

Aug 05 - S**t Shrewsbury. (Quicktime 7 - 37mbs)
The ImAFish team films parts of Shrewsbury promoters wouldn't have you see uncovering the truth to this chav infested town.

Sept 05 - Blender Pimping Documentary. (Multiple Formats)
ImAFish shows a unique insight into the up and coming culture of Blender Pimping.

Jan 06 - Sheep Documentary (Multiple Formats)
The ImAFish team clear up some common mis-conceptions about sheep.

Feb 06 - Tim Westwood Interview (Google Video)
Bill Bennett interviews Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood.

Dec 07 - ImAFish YouTube Player

Dec 08 - ImAFish Pilot TV Show