If you are new to online casinos or are interested in the internet-based gambling format then this guide is for you. Whether you’ve never played in a casino before or have never gambled in your life, there is a good chance that you will have heard of some of the popular games and terminology from the industry. If online gambling seems intimidating or unsafe to you see our beginners guide to online casinos below to find out more:

Who Runs the Online Casinos?

The majority of online gambling platforms and casinos are run by reputable gambling operators that have been in the industry for many years and as such their applications are relatively secure. There are also several newcomers to the industry since its move online and some of these may be run by unscrupulous operators. Users should always do their background checks through online reviews of the service and other methods to ensure the online casino they choose to use is a reputable one.

Types of Casino Games Available Online

The types of casino games that are available online are as varied and diverse as their physical counterparts in traditional casinos.  The variety of gambling titles on services such as Red Flush Casino games include slots, table games like blackjack or poker, and specialty games that include bingo and scratch tickets or lottery games. This wide range of games is multiplied even further when you consider that each game has many variations. The wide choice of game means that there is something for everyone on online casinos however.

Choosing Which Games to Play

Choosing which games to play in an online casino may seem daunting given the choice available, but the selection mainly comes down to personal preference. One of the great advantages of gambling online is the variety of games available as well as the differences in the house edge or high payouts and jackpots. In addition, new players can take advantage of welcome offers and bonuses to try different games until they find the ones they prefer and are good at.

Staying Safe and Disciplined

The most important factor however for those who are online gambling beginners and are new to the online casino experience is the importance of staying safe and disciplined when using such services. As mentioned above, it is crucial to ensure you’re only using a reputable provider to ensure the security of your personal and financial details, while discipline is required to ensure you do not exceed your spending limits.

By following the beginners guide to online casinos and gambling above, newcomers to the format will be able to take up the pass-time with the security and knowledge that lead to a more enjoyable experience. With responsible use, online casinos can be an enjoyable activity for both amateur gamblers and avid enthusiasts.

AMAYA Gaming Group, which includes the PokerStars brand, announced the termination of the activities of the one of the best casino-like poker room on the territory of two countries - Israel and Slovenia. The decision to stop the work in these regions was taken at intervals of several days.

According to CalvinAyre, the reason of leaving from the Israeli market is due high commercial risks, which AMAYA Gaming Group most likely could not sustain in future. Paradoxically, one of the founders of the poker room - Isai Sheinberg - a native of Israel, won’t be able to provide poker room services in his homeland anymore.

Due to laws of Israel, gambling is prohibited, so you can’t play online casino, roulette, craps etc., exception is the national lottery and sports betting. Many operators, including the PokerStars, been able to offer their services in Israel for a long time because of the adoption of legislation prohibiting gambling which had no mention about the online poker.

Texas Hold'em already had a ban from Jerusalem Court. In addition, local banks strictly forbidden to make any transactions related to gambling. After such a blow in the stomach, AMAYA Gaming realized that working in such conditions is not kosher, so they need to make a fast decision. And this decision was to left the Israeli market. So, the only thing that left to the Israeli poker players is to withdraw money from their pokerstar accounts.

It may seem as if the games you enjoy online are merely distractions, but there is new evidence proving that you gain more than prizes when you play online games. Here are some of the benefits of online game play:

Increased hand-eye coordination

Online games require good vision skills to see what's on the screen, and precise hand movements to score points and navigate around games. The eyes and the hands must work together, but everyone is clumsy until they practice and improve their skills. Everyone from children to seniors benefits from developing better hand-eye coordination.

Online games help the home bound.

People who are stuck at home find online games a fun method to relearn rusty skills and hold off boredom. It's hard to feel lonely or distracted when you have plenty of online gaming friends and your choice of games to play. Seniors with limited mobility who formerly traveled and enjoyed visiting casinos will get a kick out of online games like those found at Free online Slot.com games. They can hit those slot machines without leaving the comfort of home, and bring excitement back into their lives.

Game play increases memory capacity.

The more that people use their brains, the sharper their brains will be. Online gaming improves memory, because participants must remember rules, track progress, and recall various strategies to win. Good memory helps in school, on the job, and when doing your part to stay young in mind and spirit. Memory agility is also one of the key skills you need to learn everything from foreign languages to computer programming.

Free games help you start improving your skills.

Many online slot games are free to learn, and they often have great trial periods and exclusive memberships for devoted fans of online slot play. The graphics are exciting and realistic. You don't even notice how much you're learning while having so much fun.

Best Signup Bonus

By Pete | @kingpetey | 17 Nov 2015

Online gaming continues to grow in popularity, and in the UK bingo is still an extremely popular form of entertainment. Everywhere you look you can see people playing bingo on their smartphones. There's at least a dozen different sites to choose from too. What differentiates a lot of these sites is their signup bonuses.

A new website just cropped up over in Canada that is seeking new players and offering a lot of bonuses. The site is called BonusBingo.com. Most bingo players are more interested in the social scene than willing big jackpots. To cater to this demographic, BonusBingo.com is setting itself apart by offering big bonuses.

For instance, new players are getting $100 in bonus cash for signing up. This is nice, but what is really nice is the 500% match in bonus cash for deposits over the next couple of weeks. This can really extend your playing time. After the promotional period, the bonus percentage drops to 300%.

As players play on the bingo, slots, and table games, they accumulate bonus points. When this total reaches certain levels, players unlock additional features on the site that allow them to earn more bonus cash, which can then be used to play longer.

Unfortunately, bonus cash cannot be converted into real cash for payouts, and like most online gaming sites you have to play for quite a while before you can cash out any money according to the wager rules. But if you're only playing for fun then putting in a few pounds every month is no different than having a Netflix subscription or paying for an MMO, and with your busy schedule a quick game of bingo might be a much better option than spending a lot of time in front of more attention-demanding entertainment.

That's what makes BonusBingo.com's signup bonuses so attractive, especially if you're a new player looking for something fun and harmless to do online. And since the site is Canadian you should be able to use pounds on the site pretty easily. Take a spin around their website and see what you think. You could win a lot of bonus cash and you could have a role in setting the tone for a new bingo community. Check out their full FAQ for all the details about playing games on the site.

Few figures in the modern age have caused such controversy as Edward Snowden. Since the former CIA employee revealed America's widespread surveillance activities he's been branded a traitor, a whistleblower and a hero.

And whilst he has become increasingly reclusive from within his temporary asylum in Russia, he's become evermore the focus for dissident political groups, social activists and even sports betting sites. So here's a reminder of how Snowden became such an important figure in 21st century life.

From his background that was deeply rooted within the federal government, Snowden was always marked out for a career serving his nation. His excellence in school saw him quickly find success in the world of computer programming, and once enlisted as a special forces candidate in the US Army reserve, he quickly came to the attention of the CIA.

Snowden's activities with the CIA were relatively short-lived. And after a two years operating on computer security systems in Switzerland, he found a new position as a contractor for Dell advising National Security Agency officials on how to protect their devices from hacking.

It was during this time that Snowden became involved in the agency's cyber counter-intelligence affairs and made the startling discovery regarding the government's electronic spying programmes. Having downloaded thousands of confidential documents, Snowden alerted journalists working for several of the world's largest media institutions who revealed the alleged government misconduct.

The stories immediately became a global sensation that reached far beyond the newspaper headlines. Already there is an Oliver Stone movie in the pipeline that is due for release this winter, and Betway even have an open betting market for Edward Snowden that posits a number of scenarios for this controversial figure alongside other topical odds relating to the American presidential election and even the upcoming EU referendum.

Key amongst Snowden's revelations were the fact that the National Security Agency had been snooping on the phone records of its citizens with the assistance of the nation's leading telecommunications networks. Similarly, it was understood that the agency used a secretive program called PRISM to access the servers of the world's largest technological companies such as Google and Facebook.

The international scope of the surveillance programme also proved alarming with the NSA working with British agencies to tap fibre-optic cables in order to intercept data from around the world. And many international relations were also soured with the revelations that America had spied on many world leaders who were supposedly allies of the nation.

Since then, Snowden has found temporary refuge in Russia, but with his current visa due to expire soon, it will be a tough bet to figure out where he'll emerge next.

Civilization Revolution

By Pete | @kingpetey | 31 Aug 2008

It's been a while since I've reviewed a game or even bought a new one but yesterday I purchased Civilization Revolution for Xbox 360. The game follows in the footsteps of past Civilization games, you control a nation and are responsible for expansion, technological advances, defense, politics and an array of other demographics for managing your civilization.

I've been a big fan of the Civilization (Civ) franchise since Civ 2 and was keen to discover how the game had made its transition from PC to console. Over the past year I've favored console games over PC games because of the ease of putting in a disk and playing a game over installing it on your PC.

Civilization Revolution is similar to Civ 4 for the PC however much of the micro management from Civ 4 has been removed, the pace of the game has been significantly increased mainly because technological discoveries happen a lot faster.

Frets On Fire

By Pete | @kingpetey | 12 Aug 2007

Frets On Fire is a free Windows/Linux/OS X game that is very similar to Guitar Heroes for the Xbox 360. The main difference being is that instead of using a guitar you hold your keyboard like you would hold a guitar.

This makes you look very stupid but is great fun to play. Below is me playing:

Pete FOF

I couldn't get the current version to work on OS X Tiger which is why I'm playing on my PC. You can remap the controls so you don't have to hold the keyboard like that but where is the fun of pretending to be a rock star then?


The game has three modes of play, easy (as featured above), medium and Amazing (as featured below). I've yet to master easy though some songs are easier than others.


The game comes with three songs however there are hundreds more available to download online giving you hours of fun. At the end of each game it gives you a rating and tells you how accurate you have been.

Also included is a song editor that lets you edit current songs or import new songs. The requirements are basic with the game only needing 128mb of memory and an Open GL compatible graphics card. Frets on Fire can be downloaded for free off their website.

I'm a huge Command & Conquer fan so when I saw the new box set of all the games in the series for £20, i brought it.

I'm not a huge fan of serial numbers, those annoying things you always have to enter. Never the less I put up with them but the Command & Conquer First Decade install took the piss.


The first screen asked for the First Decade serial followed by this screen:


Then after this I was asked to enter another one!!!

The game is still installing, looking forward to playing it.

*comments now disabled*  - Please do not email me asking for codes.


By Pete | @kingpetey | 10 Oct 2002

Today I got my copy of Unreal Tournament 2003 after ordering it online a few days ago. Not only did this save me a trip into town but also saved me almost ?10. After a lengthy install time and 2.5gig of my hard drive gone I was ready to play. My first impressions we great, the game is easy to use, easy to play and didn?t take too long to load (takes about as long as the original).

The graphics are stunning, the little effects make it look nice like swaying grass, moving clouds and more realistic gas textures. Though it took me a graphics card update to stop the larger death match levels from stuttering, but the 10mb download was worth it in the end with everything running very nicely on my GeForce mx420.

The overall play of the game is similar to that of Unreal Tournament, the graphics are a massive improvement and the guns have been upgraded. They have replaced the old sniper rifle with a more advanced weapon that still gives some nice headshots. The other amendments are that of the extra packs you can pick up. These now include bigger health packs and adrenaline, which if you collect enough gives you special abilities such as running fast.

The one feature I did turn off straight away was weapon bob, which to be honest just got annoying and made you feel like you were on a ship. It also took me a while tweaking the graphics settings to get everything working smoothly while trying to get as much out of my card as possible, however this normally has to be done for most games.

I was also disappointed with the lack of outdoors maps, this will probably be left more to one of the mods such as strike force but will mean a hefty download for me. The game is still in very early days, I had a quick look on the web for maps and couldn?t find anything yet the same I found about support which was also very limited. I can see ut2003 lasting for the next 2-3 years like its predecessor did, however it would be nice if the game was to get popular quicker then the original as it did seem to have a slow start.

Overall I think ut2003 is a very nice game which has great potential and flexibility within itself that can hopefully become a very successful and popular game. I have decided to give it 9/10.