Nearing the End

By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 Jun 2004

Im now nearing the end of my first year and university and with less than 1 week to go and only 1 exam left I have started looking back at the past 9 months.

I have been trying to think what I have gained or lost? I have met a lot of cool people and have lots of good friends however I have drifted away from certain people back home and lost my girl friend. I keep thinking that we might still be together if I had stayed at home instead of going to uni but I would have missed out on so much.

Then there is the more phyical stuff, I now have a second PC, 2 printers (which im very proud of ;)) and the foundings of what could be a quite sucessful hosting company.

So do the gains out weigh the loses? Well in some aspects yes but in others unfortunatly its hard to replace with whatever you may have gained.

Either way life goes on for the summer then another year at uni! Should keep things interesting.



By Pete | @kingpetey | 27 Nov 2003

Its my first proper column update in about 6 months and a lot of changed since then! I'm now at uni in Coventry studying computer science. I live (next door to Benjie) about 5mins walk from the closest edge of the uni which luckily is situated in the middle of Coventry. Sainsbury's is about 10mins walk and Greggs (where I work) about 15.

The course has got off to a slow but good start. Computer Science is modular so my time is split up between 6 different modules, ranging from web design to programming to maths to e-commerce to psychology (it seems, its really information systems development). The best atm is either e-commerce or new tech and HCI (Webdesign) it varies from week to week.

The halls are nice, were built within the last 5 years and are grouped into blocks of 6, there are 3 English people (including Benjie) a Chinese girl an Italian man and an French lad. We all get on well and the range of foods we have cooking in our kitchen is great. A big bonus is the free broadband net connection we have, we haven't quite worked it out but Benjie has his suspicions its a duel T1 connection, as we can get good download speeds and its shared between a couple of hundred people. Its pretty stable most of the time but there are the occassional downtimes.

Filesharing it blocked however that doesn't stop us from getting the recent TV eps, music and films. Most importantly however I can still maintain the ImAFish site and stream at nice speeds. The area we are in is a bit dodgy, we see hookers outside our windows occassionally and we have heard bad story's about what goes on in the "ghetto" (thats hillfields btw). The rest of coventry isn't bad, with being right in the city centre most things are within a walking distance, including a big computer shop (eclipse), a multiplex cinema, all the shops we could need and most importantly all the pubs and clubs.

Night life is good here, monday nights we are normally in the SU (student union) as all drinks are


By Pete | @kingpetey | 14 Mar 2003

As many of you will know March 13th was my 18th birthday! I can finally drink legally and don't have to worry about not getting served or getting into clubs and bars.

The day started well with my family sticking balloons all around the house and getting some great presents! March 13th this year was not only my birthday but also the day that we get our exam results back from any exams we had done just after Christmas.

The first result I got was from a business retake and I got an A! Which was a great improvement from my low C before. However the rest of my results weren't too good. Computing being the worst where I didn't even get a grade. This then leads me onto how bad my college is for computing, the average grade for the year on module 4 was a E. Some lucky people managed to get A's and B's but the majority of people got U's(ungradeable).

However the college is still sure that its our fault that we don't put enough effort in and it doesn't seem to want to make any changes for our year even though most people will probably fail. But it doesn't stop here! For the last 2 years the college has owned licenses for Microsoft visual studio which is what a lot of us are using for our coursework. However the college only installed visual studio at Christmas (after many people had started their coursework) and because we had been taught VBA in word in a text book with pascal examples in many people did not have a clue about programming.

Visual studio is still not on many of the computers in the class room and is not installed on any of the public computers meaning that we either have to work on our projects in lesson time or buy a copy of visual studio. The problem here is that college still uses VB6 which is not compatible with which is Microsoft's latest version of their product.

In the colleges defense the year below mine now learns pascal in there first year and will be using Delphi next year which makes a lot more sense but doesn't help my failing year at all.

Anyway back to my birthday! In the evening we had booked for a meal at Jenkos which is a Mongolian restaurant where you can eat as much as you want for a set price. We had a very good meal here and I would recommend it to anyone. A couple of my friends got me a talking timmy from south park and he rools! After the meal we went across the road to Bar Med, where I happily got asked for ID :D.

We had a couple of drinks there then moved onto Flares ( a nightclub which plays 70s music). This wasn't my idea but as it was next to Bar Med it was the least effort (and free to get in before 10). Flares was ok but nothing special, once they started to play "I've got a brand new combine harvester" I knew it was time to leave and probably never return. There is only so much "crap" music I can take and that pretty much drew the line!

Overall it was a good night out and even though the music in Flares may have been lame the atmosphere was slightly better and along with not being sober the night was quite good. Tonight (the day after my birthday) I'm going for a meal with my parents and tomorrow hopefully we will go to a slightly more modern club.

I have taken lots of photos and they will be soon posted on my little site.


By Pete | @kingpetey | 08 Nov 2002

I'm back from holiday and its time for another update to my world known column. After spending a week in Tunisia I'm glad to be back home, I had a good time though the Tunisians do get annoying. For those of you that don't know about Tunisia it is a country on North Africa that is in a pre broadband era at the moment though they do have Internet access.

I spent a week in a 4star hotel in the city of Sousse. The food was very nice and the hotel was very good too and most of the 'locals' were nice however it was annoying having to tip them for everything you do especially when they hover around and ask for money.

I got the distinct impression they were trying to get as much money out of us as possible, though this is most peoples goal the Tunisians didn't seem to do this with any respect or hide the fact that they wanted to rip us off.

Another thing I found really annoying is all the hassle they gave you especially when walking round the town, though we are told that they do this to everyone and it was part of the culture it seemed they only ever approached westerners perhaps cause we may have had more money. Though I tried my hardest to look German in the hope they may not pester me I could not make myself look moody enough.

As for the site I want to thank everyone for filling in the questionnaires (I now have almost 30) and I want to thank Steph for writing the articles while I was away and thanks to the columnists who updated their columns while I was away.