More Beletor Sightings

By Pete | @kingpetey | 06 Dec 2006

After releasing The Cult Of Beletor on the world we have been getting even more sightings of our Messiah.

Keep sending your sightings in!

The Cult Of Beletor

By Pete | @kingpetey | 28 Oct 2006

After releasing Beletor on the world in a recent blog post we have had increased reports of sightings of a so called "beletor cult" accross the world.

Below are some of the photos of signs spotted:






If you spot any Beletor worshipers please send them in.

I now pronounce you

By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 Sep 2006

Just came across some sad people on myspace that had been using this site to get virtually married.

Its so easy anything can be married.

(the witness had no option)


A Bear

By Pete | @kingpetey | 14 Apr 2006

When we went to London my Girlfriend had to take her nurserys bear to get some photos of it in some famous locations.

ImAFish however found out the truth about the bear with these horific photos!

It's with my pleasure that I bring you A Bear's Tale.

A Bears Tale

By Pete, Ben and Chris

One-day bear felt a bit depressed and needed some loving, unfortunately Jack was not around however bear found some other friends.

Bear felt right at home with her new friends.

Bear quickly became intoxicated and decided to re-enact something she saw on Big Brother this year.

Bear also decided to sleep with her new friends.

They had a Gang Bang.

I was hoping the children would learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse, my Girlfriend didn't see it this way, I'm off for a pint.

*I'm informed bear is now in rehab.

Near Death Experience

By Pete | @kingpetey | 24 Jan 2006

Was walking into the Bullring in Birmingham last weekend and saw this out of the window. Yes it says HAZ MAT!!!!! As in what they use for chemical weapon explosion and nuclear radiation contaminations.

As you can imagine we all pondered our fate but we had to keep shopping knowing we could be infected by some deadly agent!

A week later I

Earlier this week Chris and myself produced this spoof Kiefer Sutherland interview for our Monday Night Show, it was an incredible success and people found it hilarious so we have made it available for download.

Thanks to the various websites for sound clips. All the editing was done using Audio Hijack Pro and Garageband on OSX 10.4.

You can listen to our show every Monday night between 6-8 on , we feature our weekly game show "Feed Chris"? and do on-air "dating"? around 8pm.

Majorca Tour 2002

By Pete | @kingpetey | 09 Dec 2002

After a relaxing working holiday I am back! Majorca rocked and had to be one of the best trips ever. Apart from drinking 6 out of 7 nights and eating lots of unhealthy food we did do some work - yes really. I will be getting all my photos up as soon as I have them developed (2 films worth).

For anyone who went to Majorca and wants there pictures on ImAFish send them to [email protected] and I will stick them online for you. I hope to get hold of Pete Clayton's funny PowerPoint presentation at some point and put that online.

Thanks to the people who wrote articles while I was away, I should get back to adding more content to the site soon. The site has just made 100 articles, so well done everyone who has submitted content over the past 6 months. We should be seeing some changes to the site over the next 2 months, Shenton hopes to have some free time from his hectic schedule to write the comedy section and there are ideas for a music section that I can see taking up a lot of my coding time!!! I also have a new web mail section for the site at some point that I hope to have working very soon.

More soon I hope when I'm less tired - maybe a picture.