After one of my recent rants I used an image of Gordon Ramsay saying 'Done'. I received a number of comments saying how funny it was and how it would make a great Internet meme so I've put together an image generator that lets you create your own Gordon Ramsay sayings!

Awesome Gordon Ramsay saying generator

Once your happy with your image right click it, select save as and change the extension to .png, you can then use it anywhere on the web.

Note: If your reading this through the RSS feed or Facebook you will need to visit the post on ImAFish.

Much love for Terri Ann and her writing text to images with php tutorial which was 99% of the work DONE.

With all the hype over the new 3G iPhone as announced by Apple last week that we have a new website launching today dedicated to videos of the iPhone.

The site is constantly updated with the latest videos of iPhones, iPhone tutorials, iPhone unlocking and iPhone Adverts.

I stumbled upon this site earlier which asks 19 questions about your site in order to calculate how much its worth. Apparently ImAFish is worth $23,000 (

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By Pete | @kingpetey | 11 Jun 2008

Often I get writers block, sometimes it last for days, othertimes weeks. When I emerge with new inspiring ideas they fall in one of three categories.

  1. Something useful often techical - these sorts of posts often end up as articles like my recent 10 useful mac tips article. If I'm lucky these sorts of posts go all around the net getting me a few hundred thousand new visitors.
  2. Rants - these posts not unsimilar to this one are highly sarcastic, humorous fast paced and often hard to follow. Phrases such as 'much love' are used and more recently photos of Gordan Ramsay saying 'Done' (like he does in the fword).
  3. Unfinished posts - I often start writing top X lists only to write the first three or four and run out of good ideas. Either I fill it with a few lame entries or give up for another day.

I guess what I'm trying to find out is how does your writing style change depending on your mood and inspiration? In this sense is writing a blog different to say writing for a newspaper or magazine?

June 5th 2008 - Shrewsbury based world famous ImAFish celebrates its seventh birthday today. The site's had a bumper year with over 250,000 visits with one of its features hitting the front page of

Site founder Pete White said "It's been the best year ever for ImAFish with such a huge number of visits and increasing revenue. It is a testament to the brand that ImAFish has survived for seven years and I can imagine it will be around for seven more. Our move to Drupal at the beginning of the year and our updated design have been a great move. We have recently launched two new sites to go along with ImAFish and have high hopes for both."

Some of the highlights of the year include: - A Revolution In Cash Back?

Make Hundreds of Pounds Through Online Bingo

How To Handle The Jerk Next To You On An Airplane

Getting Dugg and Surviving - 70,000+ Hits in One Week

Comment Luv for Drupal


Moving Forward

By Pete | @kingpetey | 22 May 2008

It's been a busy couple of months for me with moving house, moving office and launching two new websites ( and Apart from my big post on 10 useful OSX functions ImAFish has been relatively quiet.

I'm looking to expand my website portfolio over the coming months so if you have a website making a few dollars/day contact me through ImAFish and I might be interested in purchasing it.

ImAFish will be seven years old soon, I know its around this time of year we are due a birthday, if anyone can remember the exact date I will buy them a beer (and put it in my calendar!).

ImAFish is proud to launch it's latest website: has a collection of the scariest video clips online from TV shows to Films to home made videos! Not all the clips will make you jump but hopefully most will!

There is endless junk that you can put on your blog from recent news feeds, Flickr photos, badges, adverts and various other widgets but the one I find most useful is MyBlogLog. If your not familiar with the widget its the one that sits on the bottom right of every page with the little images of recent visitors.

It's useful for three reasons:

  • It's interesting to see who has been visiting ImAFish from other blogs. I can easily view their blog through MyBlogLog to read what they have to say and post comments.
  • If you visit a blog more than once MyBlogLog will automatically add you to that blogs community page so that you can easily see updates.
  • The statistics behind MyBlogLog are also useful, they are not complex as Google Analytics but display the data in a much better way. I recently upgraded my account for $25 (

**The rest of this post has become corrupted**

I'm an endless tweaker, I can't stop changing stuff here on ImAFish. Today I've played around with the mybloglog widget, yesterday I changed the welcome message on the site and at the weekend I added in my feedburner stats and a bigger RSS feed icon.

Most of the time I think my tweaks are for the best, sometimes they go wrong such as moving the forum but I'm willing to admit when I make a mistake. Tweaking I feel is important in order to try out different elements on my blog, to see which keywords work well, which widgets help bring in visitors or which adverts make the most money without being intrusive.

It could be that I don't visit other blogs enough to notice changes but do other bloggers have a fascination with changing elemtents on their blog as much as me?

Comment Luv Drupal is the Drupal based version of the popular Wordpress plugin.

When someone posts a comment on your site Comment Luv attempts to find their latest blog post and add the title and link to the bottom of their comment. Comment Luv is great for attracting people to comment on your blogs and a great way to build back links to your site.

The development release 0.1 is the same as what is used here on ImAFish. The Comment Luv Wordpress plugin has been written by Andy Baily of FiddyP, with his permission and guidance I have simply removed the Wordpress hooks and replaced them with Drupal hooks.


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