By Pete | @kingpetey | 13 Jun 2005

Had a few good days of weather last week, almost a mini heat wave then this week its gone cloudy again. Not that it really matters cause I'm flying out to sunny Spain on Wednesday morning for a week! I intend to start packing in the morning - maybe early afternoon.

Been back from Uni for over a week now and it seems like I never left, my first task for the beginning of the summer is to sell my PC, it will probably end up going on ebay but I wouldn't mind trying to sell it locally first. The reason I'm selling it is because I don't really use it anymore. I spend most my time on the Mac so I might as well just buy a better Mac.

There have been some banging new tunes coming out over the past couple of weeks for the summer apart from that ******* frog. It sounds like the music this summer is going to be the best yet especially with new songs from Paul Van Dyk, X-Press 2 and Moby.

Been thinking about what to do with ImAFish next, I'm really pleased with the new site, the gallery especially but what direction to take the site in next is not clear. I'm in a similar mind with Switchweb, though it is doing well I'm not sure where to take it.

Anyway until next time wish me a good holiday and I will see you all in a weeks time.

New ImAFish!!!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 12 May 2005

Well after a long time of thinking and more thinking, I have finally finished off ImAFish 8. Its been 20months since we have had a new ImAFish version (2 years since i started writing ImAFish 7). It seems such a long time and ImAFish is 4 years old this month too!

Hopefully ImAFish is a lot more personal to me now such as the integration of my mini site, the forum and the new gallery all onto the front page of ImAFish.

I will admit I have been slow writing articles in the past year so its nice to have some fresh content up. The new site is a lot more simple than past as there are no longer any user accounts.

This forum thread pretty much sums it all up. [url][/url].

An Update from me

By Pete | @kingpetey | 17 Nov 2004

Its been a while since my last entry and a lot has changed. First I have a lovely new girl friend - Laura and i'm now back at University in Coventry. Sorry for the lack of entertaining updates but I havn't got round to it - lack of motivation.

Laura has been coming to see me every weekend (or I have been going home) which has been good though its annoying working saturdays and the occassional sunday. We havn't been going out as much this year as last mainly because noone has any money however from the money I saved going out I did get a nice new computer :D (well that and selling the old one).

This year seems completely different from last year, I kind of expected a lot more work from the start however things got going really slowly. Its most likely because we should be doing more self learning however the majority of things I do on my computer anyway (webdesign etc) prolly all counts in some way - well I like to think it does ;).

I will admit that I was pretty bored the first 3-4 weeks at uni, whether it was from lack of sleep or just cause I wasn't going out as much I dunno, however after spending a bit of money and keeping myself a bit more busy things are a lot better!

Work will be picking up in the next couple of weeks because of coursework and a couple of tests nearer the end of term. Its only about 5 weeks till xmas which gives me 4 weeks to decided what to get people - well thats the excuse to send emails, a lot less effort.

Things are pretty stagnant with ImAFish, I have been working on some concept art for a possible update to ImAFish but I'm not giving anything away yet. The forum has been picking up in activity recently since people have gone back to Uni which is good, the summer is usually a slow time for posting.

I brought Half Life 2 yesterday and have been playing it pretty much none stop, I intend to put some screenshots on ImAFish petty soon. The game is brilliant, it has the same feel for the first game but the graphics and physics in the game are a massive update. The gravity gun is especially impressive allowing you to launch objects in the game at enmies.

I got SuSE 9.2 last week, I'm working on a review but with Half Life 2 I have been spending more time in Windows than Linux.

Last weekend was pretty interesting cause Laura got quite drunk! I better not put anymore or she wont be best pleased. I'm going out tonight and am meeting up with my Italian friend I lived with last year so should be a good night.

Until next time.


By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 May 2004

Exams have started now for me, had my first one yesterday and it went ok, my one today on the other hand was a complete disaster :-(. Everything went wrong from not being able to work out some binary stuff to forgetting 1 bit memory location diagram. Oh well I can resit in september if I failed.

Its been a tough term and I havn't felt my best for most of it and with Summer (and going back to Shrewsbury) dawning it doesn't look like things are set to improve.

ImAFish is a bit stagnant at the momment and the forum isn't doing much better. Switchweb on the other hand is a hive of business and Chris and myself are currently working on an updated theme as well as some long due updates. Our account is almost full and we will be looking to upgrade shortly, which hopefully will coinside with the new look site.

ImAFish is celebrating its third birthday in a few days time so well done there for everyone putting in the effort.

I want to give a final shout out to Jonnie and to congratulate him for getting back with his girl friend after a few months break, all the best there.

New Columns

By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 Apr 2004

Welcome to the New Columns!

ImAFish 7

By Pete | @kingpetey | 02 Sep 2003

For many of the people behind ImAFish University is only a few weeks away, which will split the community across the country. For most people this wont be a problem as they will have Internet connections in their rooms or within the University. Myself and Simon wanted to have one final version of ImAFish that would be the best so far and in some ways a final release.

While this is unlikely knowing myself it would mean that if we didn't want to update the design again it would still look good for months and maybe years to come. In concept 4 months ago ImAFish 7 seemed a long way off, the idea was to create a flexible professional web portal based around what ImAFish had been building on over the past 2 years ? its articles.

We now had over 200 articles on a range of subjects making it in some ways messy what was needed was different sections depending on the article type, while articles already had categories they themselves were getting in a mess. The idea was to split the site up more into different sections, after much debate they were decided to be: Entertainment Tech Gaming IRC News Each would be article based but would contain other information such as IRC would host xbot. The next step was to decide on a design, this I did while doing my A levels (which I did very well in), and more importantly a logo of some sort.

This went through many design stages and only after about 4 weeks was I happy with the final design. I had also been working on an overall design for the site which I was happy with in the end. The next stage was to start coding. In ImAFish 6 Simon had done 99% of the coding so for ImAFish 7 I was going to give it ago, I quickly learned CSS and put together a template using divs as the idea was not to use any tables. While this was ok for the overall design a lot of the page content still uses tables as simply tables are still best for displaying things in certain ways.

One thing I quickly learned about CSS is that getting it to work in one web browser does not guarantee it will work in another. Then getting it to validate is another problem however in the end validation was put a side for getting it to work right. Overall ImAFish 7 is the most complex and advanced version of ImAFish yet, making it even easier to use and attractive. Thanks to everyone that has made it possible and lets hope the site keeps on growing!

Long time no column

By Pete | @kingpetey | 03 Mar 2003

It seems some of the columns are a bit dead on ImAFish, which is a bit of a shame because that doesn't reflect the rest of the site.

But I suppose everyone is off "blogging" and not "columming" (new word for ya). Either way PEOPLE NEED TO GET POSTING!!!

As for me - i'm 18 next thursday so direct cards and money to [email protected] next week pls :D:D I hope to go out for a meal with my chums, I just need to finalise a few things.

I hope to get the LAN pics up very shortly once Max Spielman get them right which they seem to have a problem with atm, next time i will have to use click.

I will get another pic of me up on which is my little site :D:D.



Watch what you post!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 30 Jan 2003

I hate to sound stupid but watch what you post especially on your columns. Personally stuff isn't too bad as long as you dont mind anyone coming to the site and reading your personel details.

You may know a lot of the visitors to your column however it is public so there is nothing to stop anyone reading it.

Try to be careful when posting about how you smoke pot every day or take part in any ilegal activity (which i hope you dont)it can be interesting but any old cop or parent could come onto the site and could read a column post about how you smoke pot all day long. This really wont do you any favours.

ImAFish will not be responsible for any trouble you may get into because of anything that has been posted on ImAFish, and believe me there are cops watching a fair few of us online :P (ask ga and leon).

Needless to say ImAFish does not mind you posting what ever you like within reason, be it fiction or the truth however remember you are responsible for that content.

If you feel that someone has posting somthing unfair about you or that you want one of your posts removed from the site let me know and it will be sorted out.

ImAFish 6

By Pete | @kingpetey | 10 Jan 2003

Welcome to ImAFish 6 everyone!!

About ImAFish

By Pete | @kingpetey | 01 Sep 2002 is the brainchild of Pete White (pwhite) and Ben Powell (Benjie) in April 2001 when they were working on their GCSE exams. Along with James Vardill (Yammez) they created the site version 1. The site was an instant success with its wide range of topics covered including gaming, downloads and a forum, though the site had a hard time staying online because of different hosting problems on geocities. Then in September 2001 Version 2 was launched on their new hosting on with the new help from Ben Shenton and Matthew Shannon, here the site continued to become popular and in November 2001 version 3 was launched. Yammez sadly decided to move on from the site because of lack of time commitments.

Christmas came and so did news that f2s was closing its free hosting section so the move was made to purchase some professional hosting. Shortly after in February came the launch of ImAFish 4 was the sites biggest success so far attracting many new visitors and starting to build up an active forum and IRC community. The site celebrated its 1year birthday in April with a number of activities on the forum such as the awards and Big Brother. The following months brought further success to the site with the Articles and Columns sections and throughout June and July the sites traffic significantly increased.

One of the most popular areas found was to be the IRC bot called Xbot many of these hits were coming from sites such as Google. Xbot provides a good free IRC bot that can do almost everything a channel owner needs from a bot which it seems not many other free bots can provide. In August 2002 it was decided to start work on designing ImAFish 5 with the aim of delivering dynamic content to the users fast and effectively in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The site also wanted to attract more writers and to keep the current visitors coming back to the site to read the articles and take part in other site activities. For a more detailed history I suggest you take a look at .