New Garden

By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 May 2009

About a month ago we spent the weekend redoing my garden. It was my first step into gardening but with the help of a few friends we achieved a lot!

The garden before with the bike shed, smaller patio and side plants.

Laura takes a break from making tea.

The view towards the back of the garden.

The finished garden from the house.

The patio area.

The garden one month on.

Many thanks for everyone that helped including Wayne, Benjie and Brantford.

Lake Vyrnwy

By Pete | @kingpetey | 13 Mar 2009

Last weekend I cycled around Lake Vyrnwy in Wales for the Severn Hospice, the 11 mile cycle took around two hours at a leisurely pace, here are some of the photos I took on the way round:

The dam forms one edge of the lake.

Boating is a popular pastime.

Water from the lake supplies homes all over the West Midlands.

The first signs of spring were starting to show.

As it started raining this faint rainbow appeared.

You can just about see the whole rainbow in this shot.

The mist started to get heavier at this point.

I stayed with the runners - for support obviously.

The tower's almost Gothic look in the creepy mist.

All photos:

To find out more please visit:

Merry Christmas from ImAFish

By Pete | @kingpetey | 23 Dec 2008

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year! We have an exciting new look coming for ImAFish very soon! Until then here is a trippy Christmas Tree.


Merry Christmas



By Pete | @kingpetey | 29 Oct 2008

I took these photos whilst the sun was setting last week at about 6:30pm (before the clocks changed). The first one I've run through Photomatix to enhance some of the colours.



Shrewsbury Dragon Boat Race

By Pete | @kingpetey | 29 Jun 2008

Today I took part in the Shrewsbury Dragon Boat Race to help raise money for Shrewsbury Hospice. Our team made up of 17 people from our office (The Pump House), the majority representing Marches Energy Agency, I represented Information Solutions (and obviously world famous ImAFish).

Click on any picture to see a larger version on Flickr.

The boat we had to race.

June 5th 2008 - Shrewsbury based world famous ImAFish celebrates its seventh birthday today. The site's had a bumper year with over 250,000 visits with one of its features hitting the front page of

Site founder Pete White said "It's been the best year ever for ImAFish with such a huge number of visits and increasing revenue. It is a testament to the brand that ImAFish has survived for seven years and I can imagine it will be around for seven more. Our move to Drupal at the beginning of the year and our updated design have been a great move. We have recently launched two new sites to go along with ImAFish and have high hopes for both."

Some of the highlights of the year include: - A Revolution In Cash Back?

Make Hundreds of Pounds Through Online Bingo

How To Handle The Jerk Next To You On An Airplane

Getting Dugg and Surviving - 70,000+ Hits in One Week

Comment Luv for Drupal


New House and Office

By Pete | @kingpetey | 10 Apr 2008

In the past week I've moved office and moved house! I still have no Internet at home so I'm using my phone.

Last Thursday we moved office to The Pump House, an environmentally friendly building that gives us great new facilities and loads more space. The three of us had been crampt up in our old office for almost two years which means we can look to expand in the coming months.

Pump House


On Friday I brought my first house with my lovely girl friend Laura, I've spent since then moving stuff in and sorting it all out. It's a slow process but we are finally getting there.

The office and house are only ten minutes walk apart meaning I can sleep in till 8:30 each morning and still get to work on time.

More coming soon once Plusnet activate my broadband.

Good Food Show Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 02 Dec 2007

Earlier today I went to the BBC Good Food show at the NEC in Birmingham, here are some photos from the day:

The show was packed with people and stands.

Benjie and Jack enjoyed sampling the wine.

These two sheep were on the Ireland stand.

I met Levi Roots - creator of the Reggae Reggae Sauce. Last year he successfully tamed the Dragons on BBC 2's The Dragons Den for investment in his sauce.

There were demonstrations all day from well known chefs.

The Well Hung Meat Company.

I sold my first item last night through Facebook Marketplace, my iMac G5. I would have most likely listed it on Ebay if Adam hadn't suggested listing it on Facebook first. The market place itself is a lot simpler than Ebay and has no security or buyer/seller protection but it is free.

Recently I've become more frustrated with high Ebay fees, in general 10% of the total cost of the item goes to Ebay in some way through listing fees, final value fees and PayPal fees. This would be close to

Ahoy Me Hearties - It

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Sep 2007

It's that time of year again land lubbers where we get to talk like pirates! The 19th of September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Avast, I wont be dressing as a pirate but I will be adding in as many pirate phrases as possible.

The official website has some common lingo and even pirate chat up lines for all ye beauties out there. Some common phrases to help you through the day.

Ahoy: Hey!
: Stop!
: Yes
: treasure
Jolly Roger
: the skull and crossbones, the pirate flag!
Landlubber: "Land-lover," someone not used to life onboard a ship.
Lily-livered: faint o' heart
Loaded to the Gunwales (pron. gunnels): drunk
Matey: A shipmate or a friend.
Me hearty: a friend or shipmate.
Pieces o' eight: pieces o' silver which can be cut into eights to be givin' small change.
Scallywag: A bad person. A scoundrel.
Scurvy dog!: a fine insult!
Shiver me timbers!: an exclamation of surprise, to be shouted most loud.
Swashbucklin': fightin' and carousin' on the high seas!
Yo-ho-ho: Pirate laughter

A full list here.