"Source Radio has been the starting point for many rising stars but one show has stood out this year for its creative content and unique features. The Monday Night Show with Pete White, Ben Powell and Chris White has been on air since October every Monday night between 6pm and 8pm. The almost famous tag line “Power Pumping Passion” is one the defining points of the show."

We started the show simply out of curiosity for Source Radio and it was an instant hit because of the humour and entertainment we brought to the station. From early on we made an effort to discuss student issues on air where appropriate. In November we debuted our version of on air dating, people would send in profiles and we would read them out on air making the occasional joke. It worked really well and people found it really entertaining and we even matched some people up!

By December we had edited out our best bits and put them on the Internet for others to listen. The feedback we had was great, allowing people who hadn’t been able to listen to the show experience it as well giving our regulars some of the funniest moments again. The editing wasn’t easy and took hours to shift through our previous shows but it was well worth it just for the exposure it gave us.

January came and we wanted to promote the show even more as well as cover more student issues. This is when I came up with the idea to invite the Vice Chancellor Madeline Atkins on the show for an interview. She accepted our invitation and we started to plan questions and features. When we told the rest of the stations members about the VC interview we had planned there was almost a sense of shock but they realised a great opportunity for the station. This VC interview was not the only planned content for the show we also had an exciting new game show. Being a student station we thought we could push the boundaries slightly more than other stations, which is why we thought of “Feed Chris”, each week we would ask Chris three questions and a bonus question, for each question he got right he got a meal on Tuesday. If he got none of the questions right he didn’t get to eat! While of course he never went through with it and the questions were rigged against him it provided a lot of spontaneous entertainment.

Our first Interview that we mocked up was with Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer from 24), being heavy 24 fans and the new series about to start we made a very funny interview with some sound clips from 24, the interview is still available online. We were also fortunate with the help of Bill Bennett to get an interview with Tim Westwood for the show when he was DJing in the SU. Bill got Westwood to “pimp” a toy car as well as asking him about Coventry and the Students, the Westwood interview is also available online. In February our Vice Chancellor interview came round, we spoke for about an hour covering a range of topics including the new student centre, crime on campus and the future of the University. We had some great feedback about the interview from students and staff as well as over 600 downloads for listen again of the show. The show still continues on a Monday Night and has recently played sets from this year’s Trance Energy Festival in Holland. You can listen in between 6-8 on www.sourceradio.co.uk, if you want to listen again to any of the interviews or best bit segments visit www.imafish.co.uk.


*This article was featured in Coventry University's Source Newspaper in the March Issue.

Listen Again

By Pete | @kingpetey | 07 Feb 2006

Last night we had the Vice Chancellor, Professor Madeleine Atkins on the Monday Night show, we spent about 30mins talking to her about student issues in and around Coventry University.

Our discussion included the new student centre, crime on campus, scholarships, online services and her 2010 vision for the Uni.

You can listen again to the edited interview below.

www.imafish.co.uk/pwhite/MondayNightVCSpecialImAFish.mp3 (18mb) 23min MP3

Hosted thanks to www.switchweb.co.uk

Cov Uni

By Pete | @kingpetey | 06 Feb 2006

Listen live from 6-8 at:


We will be asking the VC questions sent in from students as well as all our normal entertaining chatter and hilarious games.

Here are the best bits from January 2006 on the monday night show. Got two great interviews, one from Kiefer Sutherland and one from Tim Westwood as well as dating and our new gameshow "Feed Chris".


(25mb) 37mins.

The Universities Vice Chancellor, Professor Madeleine Atkins will be appearing on Source Radios Monday Night Show (With Pete, Ben and Chris) on Monday 6th Feb 2006 between 6-8.

It will be the perfect opportunity to have your views expressed directly to the University VC and to find out more about her roles and views at the University.

Please send your questions to:

[email protected]

Comments on this summers music including a feature on French Dance artists and my current playlist.

Its getting to the end of the summer season for music now and there have been some really good songs this summer.

In particular there has been some good French music coming through. I really like Martin Solveig and his songs Everybody and Jealousy have been especially good, his essential mix for Radio 1 at the end of July was one of the best of the year in my opinion.

Les Rythmes Digitales

Can you feel the beat?

By Pete | @kingpetey | 29 Aug 2005

Wow, what a weekend, Creamfields was awesome! Got in about 6 Saturday afternoon and after a walk round the site we settled on Eddie Halliwell who started the evening in a banging style. Around 8 and after a dodgy pizza we watched Paul Van Dyk and Faithless. PVD was one of the main reasons I went for the day, as I just love his music and sets. Faithless were equally as good putting on a wicked live performance. They started with Insomnia and ended on We Come One, the whole set just went too quickly. We ended the night with Paul Van Dyk (again) then Ferry Corsten who for me was the highlight of the night. We saw too many DJ


**the rest of this post has become corrupted**

Hearsay to split

By Pete | @kingpetey | 01 Oct 2002

According to the sun newspaper this morning the band hearsay are to split up. Hearsay were formed out of the hit tv show on ITV which formed the band, soon after they were launched they had to number 1s but since then they have gone down hill and the band formed from their runners up, liberty X are now doing better then them. Though liberty X have had a show start they have come up on top and have scored a number of top10 hits.

Quoted in the Sun newspaper, the band blamed public hostility and the rigours of music industry life for the break-up. This news comes less then 2 years after the band was formed. Trouble started when member Kym Marsh left in February this year, and there was controversy over her replacement. Band member Danny has not made things better, he was quoted in the Sun saying: "Hear'Say was a phenomenon at the time and people have seen us grow and evolve into pop stars. "We were just cleaners and waiters. It's been hard work and the pressure has got too much. "Two months ago we were held up by a gunman and the next day people thought we had made it up as a publicity stunt." Though exact reasons for the bands unsuccessful time is unknown but is probably due to a number of reasons.

The band have not made any proper announcement yet but after todays story somthing will have to be said.

MP3 Party?

By Pete | @kingpetey | 16 Aug 2002

"Are these guys serious or just messing around?" This is what I thought when I heard that the UK electoral commission had officially agreed to register the political party. According to one source the goal of the party is to "sustain and promote within the Nation the objectives and value of the "mp3-generation", whether this is economically viable to support the music industry the party does give some interesting ideas and stands against laws which the US is bringing in concerning digital anti-piracy and what the UK has to bring into place before December 22nd. These laws include new legal protection for digital watermarks, copy protection systems and other measures used to protect copyright material online.

There are also plans to incorporate laws against internet piracy But the most contentious part of the new rules is that which mirrors the DMCA's outlawing of devices intended to distribute anti-copying technologies. ?The downloading of music is not an economic phenomenon, it is cultural and political,? the Party Leader said in an interview. ?The downloading of music is not an economic phenomenon, it is cultural and political,? the Party Leader said in an interview. Though the standings of the party still seem a little weak the party it is certainly in favour with many music download users online, however how long can it be before they find themselves in court with one of the major music companies?

I havn't updated my column in a few weeks now so i thought a update would be welcome. :) Alots been happening in the last few weeks with exams and site stuff. We now have a auction section on the site for selling and buying items online, and the site awards came to there end - thanks to everyone who helped organise that and took part in it. Well done to all the winners your certificates are on there way!! In other news ImAFish Big Brother is getting off to a rather slow start which is a bit of a shame, expect the pace to pick up a bit in the next few days ( i hope).

Those of you who use the service Audiogalaxy (available from audiogalaxy.com) will have had a shock trying to download music over the last few days as allmost all tracks have been blocked. This is because of a court ruleing meaning that all tracks have to be blocked on the service unless unblocked by audiogalaxy, by the record companies or authors permission. It looks like audiogalaxys service is going the way of napster as not being able to download top tracks will put a lot of users off. This leaves basically 2 main music download services left, sharman networks (kazaa) and the gnutella network (limewire, gnucleus, bearshare, morpheus etc). In my own view i would have to say that i think that kazaa will be the next to go, they are allready in a large courtcase with the record industries. The future for download programs is defintly uncertain.

While we're talking about music, i thought i would mention internet radio. For those of you who dont know about internet radio its basically the same as normal radio apart from you listen to it online through winamp or what ever other program u use for listening to music, the general idea is that if you have a better connection you can listen to better quality streams. As i only have a 56k modem i have to go for the worse quality streams, however it is still perfectly listenable. Anyway the reason i bring this up in my column is that later today (being june 20th) a law will be passed as to wether the radio stations should have to pay for each listeners, this would be devastating if so as many people listen to internet radio stations as it is free with no adverts. Many smaller stations would be put out of business and would have to stop broadcasting. For more information visit Digitiallyimported.com

Anyway until next time - Pete