My Best HDR Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 02 Mar 2008

Here are some of my best HDR photos from my travels. HDR is a technique of taking a photo over multiple exposures (or extracting them from a RAW file) then recombining them in a program such as Photomatix. By doing this you can bring out the detail from the multiple exposures creating a powerful image.

My first is of St Chads Church in Shrewsbury.

St Chads Church Shrewsbury

I really like how the HDR technique has brough out the detail in the stone work.

This next one was taken in Betws Y Coed last summer.

Betws Y Coed

I like the brightness in the trees in comparison to the building and water in this one.

This one is of the B&B we stayed at in Betws Y Coed.

B&B Betws Y Coed

Again I love how the stone work is really brought out against the trees.

I took this next one in Egypt last summer.

Egyptian Sea

The rich blue in the sea and sky really shines through in this picture.

This one was taken in the Cotswolds on my Birthday last year.


The contrast in the sky especially with the sun setting is very striking in this picture.

This is another of St Chads Church in Shrewsbury.

St Chads Church

The way the cloud almost circles around the spire is especially apparent in this picture as it almost implies the power the building or church has over people.

Train track in Betws Y Coed

This train track near Betws Y Coed almost has a rain forest feel about it with the luscious green.

This next one again is from Betws Y Coed.

Stream in Betws Y Coed

All of my HDR photos can be found on Flickr.