Castles of Cumbria

By Pete | @kingpetey | 26 Oct 2011

This blog post on Castles of Cumbria has been sponsored by Temple Sowerby Hotel

Last weekend I visited a number of castles in Cumbria, here are the best of my photos.

Pendragon Castle

Privately owned with just a small sign identifying the castle.





Brough Castle

Free entry and open to the public.





Appleby Castle

Appleby castle has been closed to the public since 2004, this is as close as I could get.


Brougham Castle

Owned by English Heritage and open to the public.




Penrith Castle

Located in the centre of the town and open to the public.




Lowther Castle

Lowther Castle is currently being renovated, it is open to the public to see the development work.





Dacre Castle

Dacre castle is still lived in today, it is not open to the public.


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Here are some photos from my recent trip to Stratford Upon Avon & Warwick Castle:


Shakespeare's birth place.


More of Shakespeare's birth place


The River Avon


The Shakespeare theatre


Anne Hathaway's House

Warwick Castle


The River Avon by Warwick Castle.


The pumping house at Warwick Castle.


Inside Warwick Castle.


The River Avon behind the castle.

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Here are the best of my photos from the British Grand Prix.

The walk towards the track from the camp site.

Lewis Hamilton in his Mclaren.

One of the Red Bull cars.

A Torro Rosso car.

A Mclaren coming on to the pit straight.

Packed crowds for the practice session on Friday.

Lewis passing us on the pit straight.

The F1 Drivers parade.

The view from our seats of one of the Red Bull cars.

A Ferrari.

A chaotic start for all the drivers.

Part of the track and the new pits complex that will be complete for next year.

The teams motor homes (Ferrari on the left and Mclaren on the right).

The F1 village.

Cars driving in the GP2 race.

One of the GP2 cars passing us.

A Porsche super car crashing out in front of us. The driver walks away unharmed to the applause of the crowd.

Former team owner and BBC pundit Eddie Jordan entertaining us at the camp site on Saturday night.

Eddie Jordan playing drums as part of Saturday nights entertainment.

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My Dubai Holiday

By Pete | @kingpetey | 22 May 2010

Here are a selection of my best photos from Dubai.

We stayed in Atlantis located on the Palm Jumeirah.

The hotel features a massive indoor aquarium.

Rays swimming around the aquarium.

The aquarium contains thousands of fish.

Some of the more exotic sea animals.

Om nom nom nom.

A dolphin at the hotel - rescued from hurricane Katrina.

The Zigerat - part of the water park at Atlantis.

Parts of the water rides at the hotel - note how some of the rides take you up the Zigerat and others back down again.

The hotel lobby.

Atlantis in the day.

The Burj Al Arab from the beach at Atlantis.

A view from the beach at night with the monorail.

The view of the palm from our hotel room. The tall buildings in the distance are the Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Marina from our hotel.

A view over the palm at sunset.

The Dubai Marina at night.

Boats in the Dubai Marina.

The Burj Khalifa - the worlds tallest building (so tall I couldn't get it all in one shot).

The fountains outside the Burj Khalifa.

The lake around the Burj Khalifa.

Worlds biggest indoor ski centre at the mall of the emirates.

The Burj Al Arab.

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Edinburgh Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 23 Mar 2010

Here are a selection of photos from my recent trip to Edinburgh. The complete set can be found on Flickr.

Wind turbines.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Cathedral

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle at night - a personal favorite.

Cathedral at night

Me playing with some long exposure:

Cathedral from a different angle.

Parts of the old buildings in the city.

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Amsterdam Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 22 Nov 2009

Here are some of my photos from Amsterdam.The full set can be found on Flickr.

The city centre is full of waterways.

The red light district in the day.

Buildings come right to the edge of the canals.

Amsterdam Central train station.

Cycling is very popular in Amsterdam - mainly because it is mostly flat.

Bikes were locked up everywhere there was space.

Amsterdam is famous for its red light district and its openness to sex.

This seedy looking alleyway was part of the tourist experience.


Shops in the red light district.

Club Cockring.

In the UK we have the lake district - in Amsterdam the cleverly cropped rape district.

I wasn't sure what type of massage this was.

Public transport was excellent.

Even the monuments are shaped in interesting ways.

Interesting architecture.

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Liverpool Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 02 Oct 2009

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Liverpool.

The Albert dock, restored as a tourist attraction in the 80s.

The albert dock is on the bank of the mersey.

Boat trip around the dock.

Construction work in Liverpool with (what I think) is the Royal Liver building in the background.

Liverpool Cathedral in the distance.

The Liverpool One shopping center.

The address reads: Everton Two, Liverpool One

Full set of pictures on Flickr.

Bergamo Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 27 Sep 2009

Part three of my trip to Italy shows some of my photos in and around Bergamo. Part 1 - the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Part 2 - Milan.

Properties in the old town start from around 2 Million Euros.

My full Italy set can be seen on Flickr.

Milan Photos

By Pete | @kingpetey | 20 Sep 2009

Here are some of my photos of Milan from my recent Italy trip. Read about the Formula 1 here.

The Duomo (Cathedral) in Milan. The outside is surrounded by shopping centres.

The side of the Duomo.

Inside the Duomo, the detail in the sculptures and artwork is amazing.

A priest at work.

The artwork including the flooring was very detailed.

This is one of the statues. There were a number like this including statues of people being hung, I don't think there were age restrictions on entrance but the place certainly had a lot of unsuitable sculptures for children.

This one looks to have inspired Star Wars.

A very grand roof of a shopping centre.

Leonardo da Vinci

More amazing Architecture.

See all the pictures of my Italy trip on Flickr.

Also check out my Florence trip.

We choose Monza as our first grand prix and what an amazing weekend it was! We had general admission tickets and found a good view from the Lesmo corner though it was a long walk from the F1 Village.

We paid extra for parking (about £60) however it got us very close to the track and saved getting a bus. Traffic wasn't too bad on Saturday or Sunday, we were staying in Bergamo and it took about an hour in our fiat panda. Roads around the track are closed on the day however our parking pass got us through.

Flights into Milan (Bergamo) from Ryanair are cheap but Bergamo is still 50km from Milan. The toll road between Bergamo and Milan is fast and not too expensive.

Here are some of my pictures from the day:

The F1 village had stands from each team to buy merchandise.

The McLaren car.

Close up of the McLaren.

Kimi had a lot of fans.

Italian passion (and alcohol).

Lewis Hamilton going past at 190km/h.

Jenson's bike (we think).

Where we watched the race from.

The safety car.

Jenson fans!

Mark Webber after spinning out in front of us.

An autograph Mark?

The same Kimi fans on another day.

We had good view of a screen and the track.

Me on track.

The old track still loops around the new track - you can see how steep it is here.

Track walk after the race.

Parts of the pit wall after the race.

The only way I'm going to get up here is in photoshop....

The start/finish line.

Another view of the old track.

Full set of photos: