2014 has been a good year for my side projects, I've not started anything new but have spent time to refine my existing ones. 

Love Shrewsbury

The Love Shrewsbury site has been the most time consuming side project over the past twelve months however its also been the most rewarding. The site has reached over 100,000 people and has been expanded to include local offers. I have developments in the new year for an expanded what's on section and possibly a directory. The April Fool's post was particularly successful with 10,000 hits over 2 days.


Switchweb continues to provide the infrastructure for many of my other activities though new hosting sales have been slow in 2014. I'm hoping to rectify this in the coming months, pushing the relaunched site with a series of press releases.


We ran our second (R)Evolution conference in September, the full day web event was another big success and I'm looking forward to planning events for 2015.  


ImAFish continues to attract sponsored posts and advertising and has been a consistent money maker in 2014. 


I've done a lot less landscape photography in the past year, though I got some nice photos in Scotland. It turns out I have a very photogenic son and if you ask any of my Instagram or Facebook followers you will know I take a look of photos of him!

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported my side projects in the past year, I'm looking forward to 2015.

It’s been a busy year at The Web Orchard, we’ve worked for a lot of companies, charities and agencies. Here are some of the projects we’ve been involved with that we can talk about:


One of our showcase projects of the year has been for the World Bank, the website we developed helps promote private sector development within Iraq. We worked closely with the PSDC staff from the World Bank complex in Baghdad to develop a Drupal 7 based website in both English and Arabic. We provide training and ongoing support for the project.

Friends of the Earth - Shrewsbury Green Guide

The Shrewsbury Green Guide is a directory of local organisations that provide environmentally friendly products and services. We designed and developed a Drupal 7 based website and provided training so that the volunteers could easily manage the website.


Mowgli provide mentoring throughout the UK and MENA (Middle East North Africa) regions. We developed their website in a phased approach throughout 2013. The sites striking design and use of Drupal’s custom content types and views has made it one of our favourite projects of the year.


We’ve worked with AAIB for a number of years and in 2013 we assisted them with updating their website with their latest branding.

Shropshire Unison

Our second project for the trade union Unison has seen us build the website for our local branch. Communicating with their members was one of the key goals to the site.

Visible Recovery

Spreading our work even further than the Middle East, Visible Recovery based in Australia help people overcome addiction problems. We developed the responsive WordPress website to help attract patients to their Adelaide based treatment centre.

Love Shrewsbury

Our Love Shrewsbury site has gone from strength to strength in 2013 and we’ve been busy developing and tweaking it’s features. We went for some ground breaking ways to display our monthly archives that have been a huge hit with our visitors.


We’ve been heavily involved with ShropGeek this year, helping organise (R)Evolution conference in September and taking parts in a hack day in March.

What’s in store for 2014

Phone/Tablet Apps

We’ve recently become involved in iPhone/Android app development, and with a couple of projects on the horizon it looks to be an interesting area in the new year.

Drupal 8

The top discussion at both Drupal Camps we’ve attended this year has been Drupal 8; expected to be released sometime next summer, it is an interesting and highly anticipated overhall to a rock-solid framework that we are looking forward to tackling in the new year.

Lots more projects

We have several big projects in the pipeline for 2014 which promise to be both challenging and rewarding.

To find out more visit www.theweborchard.com or call 01743 343411

2011 saw our 10th Birthday, making ImAFish one of the longest running blogs on the Internet! I discussed some of our highlights in the post 'A Decade of ImAFish'.

I will remember 2011 as the year I got married, we had a great day at Lion Quays and it was great to see all our friends and family.

Some of the highlights of the year on ImAFish include:

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed or visited ImAFish in the past year and I look forward to seeing you again in 2012!

2010 will be the year I remember for publishing my first book, it's seen two editions of my debut Travel Photography book go on sale to the public. We've welcomed a new website for uk deals and offers and a website for the history of the iMac.

Blog highlights of the year include:

2011 will mark the 10th Birthday for ImAFish!

As always many thanks to everyone who has contributed or visited ImAFish in 2010.

It's been a good year here at ImAFish, traffic has grown by 20%, we've built a successful Facebook page and added over 50 blog posts. The year has been dominated by travel photography with my four trips abroad (America, Florence, Milan and Amsterdam).

We have said goodbye to our iPodHistory and AutoKnock sites after two successful fourth quarter sales. It's been a hard year in the advertising market as rates have plummeted.

Here are some of the best blog posts of the year:

Five Essentials for any Online News Website (most popular of the year)
My Top 6 Trance Podcasts
My £683.78 Phone Bill!
10 Best Firefox Plugins for Web Developers
All New Switchweb Web Hosting
Blog Money Making in 2009
Selling sites on Flippa.com
Bonfire Night - Weston Park Photos
Shopinsky - Direct Local Marketing
Top 10 Back to School Products

As always many thanks to everyone who has contributed to ImAFish in 2009.


I was looking at some of the past yearly reviews and they all seem to say the same "This year has been the best ever bla bla bla bla", as I don't like the disappoint, the past 12 months have been another record year for myself and ImAFish.

In 2008 ImAFish had a massive 100,000 unique visitors, 69 blog posts and over 3500 forum posts. Some of our top articles this year include 10 useful Mac tips, an overview of the cashback site EI42 and our very own Drupal Module - CommentLuv.

We welcomed in a host of new websites including:


The end of the year saw us launch our pilot TV show, for the Diggnation style ImAFish TV.

Personally it's been an even better year as I purchased a house with my long term partner Laura. At work I've built websites for international companies including Aston Martin and Honda, on a national scale for the YMCA and on a local scale Marches Energy Agency. I'm especially pleased with the ecommerce site I built for Cath Tate Direct, its a technically complex ecommerce site that I had to overcome a lot of difficulties with.

As always many thanks to everyone who has contributed to ImAFish, 2009 looks to be as exciting as this year with an all new ImAFish design coming within the next couple of weeks.

It's that time of year again when I round up the best of the year in my yearly review. 2007 has been the best year ever for ImAFish with over 250,000 visitors! The year started out strong with our Vista in Virtual PC review and part two of our highly successful Cashback article series.

ImAFish went from strength to strength and in May we stormed the web with an article about tweaking OS X. The story hit the front page of news sites all around the world including Digg.com where we got 1629 diggs. In one day the article received 33,000 hits and by the end of the week over 100,000. Fortunately our hosting survived and I used a whopping 50gigs of bandwidth in one week.

In June we partnered with the newly started Health Harm EMR website with two articles about the health effects of electric magnetic radiation. I covered my two holidays this year, the first to Egypt and the second in the Autumn to Hong Kong (check out some of the awesome photos I took).

Over the year we've had visitors from almost every country in the world.

In November I refocused the advertising efforts on ImAFish experimenting with PayPerPost and TextLinkAds. The result tripled the monthly income of the site. The year has ended with a number of successful posts including my trip to the Good Food show where I met Levi Roots.

Apart from ImAFish everything is going well too, I've had my first full year of working. We have some interesting projects in the coming months and are moving offices in March to the Pump House.

Many thanks to all the people who have contributed to the blog, articles, extra and forum over the past year and lets hope 2008 is as good as this year!

Last year I had two year in review posts, this year I'm going to put everything together into one huge roundup!

The year started with our third short film production, Sheep, produced by Matthew Shannon and myself. It was a huge success and was great fun to work on. January also saw the second most popular article of the year about Google Adsense.

At University our radio show went from strength to strength with interviews with Tim Westwood and our Vice Chancellor. We even made the local press and won numerous awards at the end of year awards in May. This time also saw the release of our biggest article of the year on Quidco.
In June ImAFish turned five years old and we launched some new features to remember the event. June was also the month I finished University and returned to Shrewsbury for good. It seemed amazing how quickly it had all gone but in early July I started work for Information Solutions Limited in Shrewsbury doing IT consultancy and web development.

By July I got my results from my degree and I came out with a first! With the summer came our latest character on ImAFish, Beletor, named after my growing gut it soon gained cult status spreading its new religion around the world.
The summer soon went and in early October I went on holiday to Rhodes. After relaxing for a week it was back to work on the grand launch of ImAFish X, the 10th version of ImAFish bringing a whole new look and feel to the site.
November saw some changes to the forum with registration being closed for the first time in order to help combat spam. The tactic worked and now ImAFish is spam free. Finally came December and our new series of blog posts has started with inventions.

As you can see its been a packed year on ImAFish and I must give a big thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way over the past year. Lets hope this year is as good as last year!

Another year has come and gone and it


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