One of the hardiest floors that you will want to provide around your home or work premises is a garage floor. This is because it must withstand many activities, temperatures, and chemicals spilling on it. A solution might be to choose a floor that withstands most things in the first place or to consider a floor finisher such as epoxy floor coatings for garage surfaces.

Epoxy as a Floor Coating

Epoxy can be used to protect many surfaces of flooring including concrete, brick, wood, ceramics, and metal. There are some plastics that epoxy will bond with as well. They are generally ones affected by acetone. Epoxy will also bond well with cured polyester fibreglass.

By applying heat, the cure time for epoxy can be speeded up. It is quick and easy to apply and so will not see your activities disrupted for too long. This is particularly important for a business situation when the lost time will mean lost money. It is, though, well worth the time and money spent to apply this kind of surface.

Epoxy has two main advantages. It creates a hard-wearing surface that is durable enough to withstand continuous and heavy traffic, and it has a shiny-gloss look to it that will brighten up any interior. For a garage situation, the first option will be just what you are looking to achieve.

From a protection point of view, epoxy can withstand a lot of contacts and is both chemical-proof and fire-resistant. It is worth checking with suppliers just what epoxy will protect the surface of your floor from. It is an investment in the fact that it will mean that your existing or new floor will last longer.

Heavy-Duty Interlocking Tiles

Some people with garages will opt for heavy-duty interlocking tiles. They are easy to install and maintain and built to last. They come in a choice of colours and have some chemical resistance. They provide a solution where you wish to go to the trouble of installing a completely new floor. Epoxy, however, has the advantage of being able to tackle the solution of protecting your existing floor without the need to install a new one. So, everything has its purpose. It depends whether you want to go to the expense of a completely new floor or not when you are perfectly happy with your old one or the one you planned to install, just wanted some means of looking after and protecting it more.


If your garage does not see all that much action, you could go for vinyl flooring. In a commercial situation, though, you would need something more hard-wearing such as an epoxy coating over your surface, which is more likely to be something like concrete in the first instance.

Carpet Tiles

There is nothing to say that you cannot use carpet tiles. As in an office, if you spill a drink on one tile, you can replace just that tile. In a garage, if you spilled oil on one or two of the tiles, you could replace just those tiles and not have the expense of replacing the whole carpet. Carpet would, however, seem more appropriate in a showroom where they finalise selling a car, than inside the garage itself. At home, maybe it is best reserved for the living room, too.

Considering all the options, there are many materials that we could have our garage floor made from, whether it is for our home garage or a work premises that will see a lot more use. Whatever material we decide on as a basis for our floor, there is always the option of protecting it further. A popular coating that is applied these days is epoxy because it is extremely protective when it comes to commercial flooring and any flooring that must withstand working on.

Football Index - the football gaming website - has left thousands of football and gambling fans devastated, after they have incurred a collective loss of approximately GBP 90 Million. While users of the gaming website still haven’t been able to recover from the shock, Brian Mattingley - who should be held accountable for his actions as the company’s non-executive chairman - seems to have gotten away with little to no damage at all. In fact, the future seems bright for Mattingley given his recent and questionable appointment as Playtech’s new chairman.

Despite his questionable character and credibility as an executive, it is worth noting that his new employer will be offering him an annual remuneration amounting to a whopping GBP 338,000. This subsequently puts serious questions on the credibility of the executives at Playtech - do they no longer do a background check anymore? Or does Mattingley’s poor performance history and involvement in one the biggest gaming website scandals mean nothing to them? Experts notably state that while the Football Index is under investigation, Playtech should be swooped in on the pretext of hiring its new questionable chairman.

In order to understand how Mattingley is seemingly responsible for the downfall of the company and the Football Index scandal, one must first look into the history of the gaming website. Launched in 2015 and marketed as a football stock market, the company had obtained a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the UKGC. Users of the football gaming website could essentially purchase and sell stocks of their favorite football players and subsequently earn dividends. These dividends were based on the performance of the players.

The Football Index gained so much popularity that merely in a year the company reportedly paid out dividends amounting to GBP 11 Million. However, the company didn’t really have any assets with an underlying value. The stocks were based on football players which didn’t have a value that the company could cash on, and the payment of dividends was based on the constant inflow of deposits by users. Hence, from the very beginning of its operations, the Football Index was all set to fail sooner or later.

The company met its demise eventually in March 2021, when it announced that it would be reducing its maximum payable dividend from 14p per share to merely 3p per share. This decision was announced as an attempt to make the platform more sustainable, however, was met with stampede selling of shares by panicked users and hence a market crash.

Later on, the gaming platform lost its license awarded by the UKGC and hence the money users put into the company has been locked in the system ever since. The losses incurred by users and the hard earned money of people going down the drain is the result of the failed leadership of Brian Mattingley. Mattingley endorsed the platform and gave it his full support when he was appointed as the non-executive chairman of the Football Index. He labelled the company a “genuine industry disruptor” and an “innovative proposition”.

However, as we all know, the company met its demise in March 2018, and many label the Football Index fiasco as a mere Ponzi scheme. If Mattingley couldn’t figure out the drain his company was going into during his leadership and time at the Football Index, why is he being trusted with yet another company in the same industry remains a mystery for football and gambling fans all over the world.

When it comes to our kitchen, we all want the best kitchen cabinets that we can find. Our search should lead us to ones that are pleasing to look at, well made, and functional. It is, after all, the room in the house where we most need to save space, as it is where many of our appliances and gadgets reside.

We shall consider below the main reasons why kitchen cabinets are bought, replaced, and improved upon.

Save Space

The number one reason why we have cabinets in our kitchen will be for storage. By fitting them closely together, less space is wasted. They will also be placed in convenient places so that we can access the cooking utensils and foodstuffs that we need. To accommodate enough cabinets, they will often be above as opposed to below or to the side. 

The strategic way that shelving is placed within a kitchen cabinet and the use of hooks can make effective use of their storage space. You will be able to have different-sized cabinets depending on the size of the items that you want to store. For instance, the cabinet will need to be able to accommodate the height of a cereal packet if you want those to hand in your kitchen ready for breakfast. It is the meal that we all tend to eat in a rush, so as not to be late starting work.

For items that do not need to be stored out of sight or kept so clean, you can use tops and windowsills, and pelmets. It is only really, though, the aesthetic pleasers or gadgets such as juicers that should be on show. For example, antique copper jelly moulds make a nice aesthetic pleaser. For safety’s sake, it is also a good idea to keep knives inside the drawers. It always makes me cringe seeing them in a rack on a work surface. With the drawers of kitchen cabinets, they can be hidden away from curious role-playing children.


When we are cooking, we want everything to hand. All the utensils that we need should be gathered in one area so that we do not waste time looking for them. It can rather take the fun away from cooking if we have to hunt around too much for them. 

In terms of their positioning, you will normally find that the knobs on the high kitchen cabinets are placed on the opposite side of the hinges and between 2.5 and 3 inches from the bottom corner of the door. With base cabinets, the knobs will be the same distance from the upper corner. Where drawers are 24 inches, very often a second knob will be fitted. You do not have to worry about any of this, though, because when you order kitchen cabinets, they can come with the knobs that you select as your preferred choice. They do add a nice finishing touch to kitchen cabinets. They need to be as practical as they are pleasing to look at because they will be used frequently to open the cupboards. Particularly with the high cabinets, you will want them to be easy to open and not have to struggle with their catch.


It is hygienic to house inside a cupboard the utensils that are going to be preparing food so that they are stored away from dust and germs.

When cleaning out cupboards, vinegar makes a good natural cleaner that you can use. If you mix a 50/50 solution of warm water and vinegar, you can pour it into a spray bottle to use. You can then mist it onto cabinets, let it settle for a minute, and then wipe away the grease that has accumulated over time with just a soft cloth.

We could include the aesthetic appearance of kitchen cabinets here, too, but that would not be the reason why we had them in the first place. They are needed for storage. Just to say something about it, though, they do add appeal to a kitchen when natural woods and superior grain looks are used. There is nothing like a matching set of handles to show that your kitchen means business and has been decorated to a high standard. Also, there are add-ons you can buy to enhance your kitchen cabinets.

To sum up, kitchen cabinets will provide us storage places, make sure items are always to hand, and be a hygienic way of accommodating many of the items that are housed in our kitchen.

Some people no longer rely on their primary job alone for income. They also take on another one. Since online jobs are in demand, people with appropriate skills consider them. If you believe you will do well with online tasks, start submitting your applications now. 

You can't continue living from pay check to pay check

It doesn't matter how much you earn from your main job. If it's not enough to meet your needs and have savings, you should earn more. Otherwise, you can't prepare for the rainy days. Imagine suddenly losing your main income. You can't keep going in that direction. When faced with emergencies, you will take out whatever loan is available, even if the terms are unfavourable. 

If you don’t want to live this way, consider getting independent financial advice in Kent. You need a local expert's advice on how to manage your finances. It's even better if you receive help from someone in the area for a swifter transaction, instead of working with someone who isn’t close by. 

You can use your existing skills

Working online allows you to use your existing skills. There's no need to continue a postgraduate degree or study for several months before you qualify. For instance, if you already have experience in photo editing, there are jobs available for you. Once you apply and pass the test, you're good to go. 

You don't waste your free time

You hesitate to work online because you're busy. The truth is that you spend hours browsing your social media or playing video games. Instead of wasting your time doing them, it's better to work online. You can make money out of your free time and manage your time well. These jobs are flexible. Whether you choose to be an online writer or a graphic designer, the job doesn't require you to spend hours. As long as you get tasks done on time, you can satisfy your employer. 

There's an opportunity to earn more

Another reason for doing online jobs is that you get paid per project. If you do more, you will earn more. If your priority is to make more money, you can work harder. Take unnecessary activities out of your daily schedule to be more productive.  If you focus on the projects, you will do more in a day.

You can improve yourself

When you worked on the same day job for a long time, you become complacent. You don't strive for improvement anymore. You believe that you can do the job even with closed eyes. As a result, you don't grow professionally. However, if you consider getting an online job, you work on a new skill. You also work on different projects at a time. It allows you to learn something new in every project. 

Given these reasons, it's time to consider working online now. Look at the available jobs and see if they're suitable for you. Start small and assess how comfortable you are with the job. You can consider more projects later if you can do them.


So, you want to know how to make wax liquidizer? Making this product is not as difficult as some people may think. When you're learning how to make concentrate liquidizer, it really is an easy process, but you want to be sure you follow directions very carefully. Also, you need to know that you shouldn't exceed the directions given either due to the ingredients being too harsh, or the vapes may turn out to be useless.

Best Way to Create Your Wax Vaporizer

One of the best ways to make wax vaporizer is to create your own DIY juice. The best way to create this type of product is to use a high quality wax liquidizer kit which will produce a high quality end result. These products can be found online, and in many cases where you purchase the materials, you will receive instructions on how to create your own DIY juice.

This product is fantastic for creating wonderful 5e backgrounds for your scenes in your game. The backgrounds will look amazing when applied with a little creativity and a lot of effort. For example, if you're playing DCC, you might create a scene in your game in which you're in a castle with a group of kids. Inside the castle there could be a drawbridge, and inside the drawbridge would be a box of cake with several children inside. Now you have to imagine how you can place a candle inside the box so that the kids can light the candle and have a nice cozy dinner. What a wonderful 5e game!

Finding A High Quality Material for Wax Vaporizers

How to make 5e backgrounds? To begin with, you have to start off by finding a high quality material. My recommendation is to go out and get some plasticard backed cardboard from a discount retailer. It will be cheaper than having to purchase an expensive board made of a very expensive material.

Now you need to find a container to hold the cardboard so that it will keep its shape. I recommend using a saucepan that has a lid on it. You do not want the backgrounds to stick to the pan or the lid when you pour the wax into the container. Next you want to melt the plasticard for the backgrounds. Do this over medium heat. The color will change as it melts and you will be able to see the differences in temper colors as they expand.

Now comes the fun part, putting the backgrounds in the scene. You want to look for something that's in your DCC game, or whatever game you are going to create the backgrounds for. In this case, you are looking for a mercenary veteran, a dark red, brown, black, or a green jumpsuit. These are all great choices for mercs because they have been in the field for a while and you will not run out of themes and places to put them.

There are other choices that might work in your game too. One example would be the bounty hunter that is starting gold 5e bounty hunter. The bounty hunter may want to carry a pistol or two sidearms, and have a background in a really nice city like Boston or LA. You could also take one of the bounty hunters and give him an airsoft rifle and give him one of the backgrounds from Boston or LA. Now you have a theme already set up for your five characters that will go great with your mercenary veteran player character.

Making backgrounds for your play-earned stuff is easy. Putting together your own mercenary veteran and starting gold 5e characters is going to require some creativity. Use the examples above to get some new backgrounds for your Mercs, and have fun!