Family life can be difficult for a variety of reasons, sometimes simply because there is so much going on, and it can often be chaotic. Then, if you are looking to improve your family life and make it more like you always imagined, here are a few top tips that you can follow. 

1.   Redecorate Your Home 

As a family, you will usually spend the majority of your time as a family at home, and this is where many of your memories will be made together. Then, instead of ignoring what your home looks like and how cozy it is, you should consider redecorating it to look more like the family home that you have always wanted. 

For instance, you should consider installing plenty of seating for all of your family to enjoy and get comfortable in, and you might consider investing in a kitchen island where you can cook together and communal dinners. 

If your house often feels cramped, you should also consider adapting your outdoor space to create an extra living area that you can enjoy in both winter and summer. You can do this by installing lighting, an outdoor heating, and a barbecue and outdoor kitchen area. 

2.   Foster a Child 

If you are unable to have more children or if you simply want to grow your family in a different way and give your home to someone who needs it, you should consider fostering a child or teenager. 

Fostering a young person can improve your family life by allowing you to bring new energy, ideas and life into your home, and it can be incredibly rewarding to make memories with another young person. Then, to find a foster child who can complete your family for a short or long time, you should consider looking for organizations that offer Fostering in Leeds and beyond. 

3.   Spend Time Outside

As a family, you can also improve your life together by spending more time outside together, as this can help you to make perfect memories while also ensuring that everyone gets enough exercise and vitamin D. 

Not only this, but spending time outside can improve your mental health and can put the whole of your family in a better mood every day. Then, whether you go for a bike ride or play tennis outside, taking your family outside should not be a special occasion. 

4.   Stop Trying to Make Everything Perfect

Often, you can create a lot of stress for yourself by trying to make every aspect of your family life perfect and by worrying about your family and their lives. Then, rather than trying to fix everything and trying to make every day perfect, you should instead simply accept imperfection and love your family and the days that you spend together for what and who they are. 

You should also try to put less pressure on your kids, and focus on creating meaningful and deep bonds with them instead, as this can ensure that your children can grow up feeling safe and supported. 

Most of us decorate our homes for Christmas. Some even add decorations to celebrate Halloween. We relish the idea of adding autumnal colours and textures in early fall. But we don’t always do the same for spring.

Springtime is a fantastic part of the year. The nights are getting later, the temperatures warmer, and the sun is starting to shine. We’re keen to spend more time outdoors, and perhaps neglect our homes because we’re keen to get out of them, and because springtime is full of joy, we feel less need to comfort ourselves with different home décor choices and festive additions.

But creating a spring vibe at home can help you to make the most of the season, enjoying it to the max, and immersing yourself in everything that it has to offer. Here are some great ways to do it.

Start with a Spring Clean

Your home will never be light and airy if it’s messy, cluttered, and perhaps a little unloved. It’s common for clutter to build in a busy household, and if we’re honest most of us clean the same areas week to week, doing the same household chores and neglecting other jobs.

To improve the atmosphere of your home for spring, start with a big declutter. Work room to room, getting rid of things that you don’t need or that don’t bring you joy. Make sure to donate, sell, or recycle what you can. Then, start working through some deep cleaning jobs, or if you can afford to, hire a cleaning service for a one-off deep clean.

Treat Yourself to Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add a springtime vibe to your home. Flowers from bring in colour, make us smile and cheer up the atmosphere. Order flowers from for same-day flowers in a wide range of colours and styles.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The simple act of adding a fresh coat of paint, even if it’s the same colour, can brighten up a room massively. Our walls become dirty over time, especially the ones that are a lighter colour, or a shade of white. A quick coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to freshen a home.

Switch to Light Bedding

Thick bedding in plaid patterns is great for winter when you want to feel warm and cosy. But it’ll be stifling in the summer. Switch to a lighter duvet, and lighter materials like satin or cotton, and opt for block colours or ditsy patterns instead of anything heavy.

Find Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are a great way to welcome springtime in. Find prints, or even cut pictures out of magazines to make your own and hang them in light frames for a quick boost to your décor.

Let in More Light

In spring we should make the most of the extra light as much as possible. Make sure your windows are clean, tie back curtains, and move anything heavy or large away from frames and sills to maximise the natural light that you enjoy.

If you love spring, make the most of it. Make sure your home is bright, clean, airy, and filled with springtime colours and fragrances.

Luck plays a major role in our lives according to many people. While some believe it is because of fortune that some families are more privileged, others think that luck can decide anybody’s fate. Now imagine someone being lucky just because they are born in a certain country. Well, there are some nations that are luckier than others, based on certain factors like freedom, life satisfaction, financial situation, career opportunities, health, and safety. The world’s luckiest people are born in these nations.

Do you want to know who they are? Well, we are here to share the list of the 44 luckiest nations globally. What’s more, we will discuss why the three highest-ranking countries topped the poll. So without delaying any further, let’s get started!

Top 3 Luckiest Nations of the World 

1. Switzerland: Apart from the scenic beauty that it offers to its people, Switzerland is a nation where those born there are the luckiest in the world. It tops the list with regard to the number of millionaires based on the adult population, the income of households per capita, and even the median adult wealth. These factors all show that Switzerland has the best financial situation out of all the countries included in this study. Furthermore, it also offers its people life satisfaction, income equality, safety, quality air, a good education, and employment.

2. Iceland: Based on all the factors, including health and safety, career opportunities, finances, and life satisfaction and liberty, Iceland has an overall score of 91.49 points out of 100. This puts the country in second place. This means that the people born here are lucky because they get great career opportunities, are well paid, have fewer health problems, a greater life expectancy, and are free to travel. 

3. Norway: With regard to influences like education, career opportunities, income equality, and productivity, Norway has a perfect score of 100. In fact, the same score is also reached for life satisfaction, freedom of travelling, gender parity, and human rights. Apart from this, the country has also provided its people with quality air and other safety measures. The average life expectancy of Norweigians is 82.80 years. Meanwhile, four percent of the adult population are millionaires and the median wealth of adults is $70,630 USD. This is why Norway is the third luckiest country in the entire world. 

Following Fortunate Nations

Following the above three nations are the other 41 most fortunate nations listed below:

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Denmark
  3. Finland
  4. Australia
  5. Sweden
  6. Austria
  7. The Netherlands
  8. New Zealand
  9. Ireland
  10. Belgium
  11. Canada
  12. France
  13. United Kingdom
  14. Germany
  15. United States
  16. Japan
  17. Slovenia
  18. Spain
  19. Italy
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Estonia
  22. Portugal
  23. South Korea
  24. Israel
  25. Poland
  26. Slovakia
  27. Lithuania
  28. Latvia
  29. Hungary
  30. Greece
  31. Chile
  32. Turkey
  33. Mexico
  34. Singapore
  35. Costa Rica
  36. India
  37. Russia
  38. South Africa
  39. Argentina
  40. Brazil
  41. Bulgaria

When we see the homes around us, we cannot help but think about how they started life. In most cases, they will have begun as a drawing or idea on a piece of paper. The term architect does, after all, date back to the mid 16thcentury. It derives from the French architecte, the Italian architetto, and originates from the Greek arkhitektn. This history means that architects, in some form, have been around as long as most of the buildings that we see.

It is interesting to think about how modern residential architecture has changed. In this article, we will consider just what is possible to have built as your dream home, that is then turned into a pleasing reality.

The Aesthetics of a Home

The kinds of things that make a home appealing will include how it looks to others. Curb appeal will be achieved, for example, by an interesting roof shape. A sloped roof can be very appealing to many, not to mention how protective it is from the weather. Unlike a flat roof, a sloped roof will deflect rainwater, rather than allow it to collect and so potentially leak in.

A grand front door can be the way to our hearts, as much as it is into our new home. Also, our garage, because it can be attached to our home, will say just as much about us as the exterior of our home will.

Drawings produced by creative architects can depict the kind of home that we once dreamed of and show how it is possible to be built. They will include everything from the outside drawings, that above-all need to look appealing, to the inside of a house that incorporates our space-saving built-in elements. We can, with the help of our architect, design the kitchen we have always wanted. That is, one with an island in the middle and plenty of space for food preparation as well as dining.


How much glass we propose for our home will have a significant impact on our view. Windows will typically be shown on an architectural plan as three parallel lines. When looking at windows and doors, you will need to refer to the elevations of a particular wall because a plan will not indicate the height or type of every window or door.

Knowing just where windows are placed will allow the housebuilder to think just where a larger window could enhance a view. A plan allows you to stand back and think just how special you could make a home from it. A home that looks out towards an ocean or mountain range will benefit greatly from extra consideration being given to window locations, as much as their size. In the first instance, an architectural plan will position a window to be in line with a nice view, and also ensure there are enough of them to provide the necessary amount of natural light around a home.

Roof Plan

A scaled diagram or drawing of residential property will include a roof plan. This will contain roof dimensions and detail the design of a roof. This will be in terms of its shape and size. 

The gable roof is considered a classic design and consists of two parts that will slope in opposite directions. The more slopes you go for, the nicer your roof will look, and the greater the storm protection you will have.

Roofs can be made from different materials to last longer. Natural slate will, for instance, last longer than 100 years when well maintained, so it will be there for the next generation. It will certainly become a selling point should you decide to sell your home. Not that you will anytime soon after you have decided to build your perfect home from scratch, with the help of an architect to draw up the plans for you to make it as special as you imagined it.

We rely on an architect to make our home look as we want it, so that our special plans become reality. We want the best indication as to what it will look like, as much as authorities want to know just what we are planning. They will be thinking about planning regulations and our home fitting into the environment. An architectural plan is a way to know if we are all of the same thinking. We do want permission to be granted, but also require a home that will stand out so that it is special. That is the point of building a new one and not just settling for one already built. Our architect can help us to satisfy everyone during and after this process.

A garage is a big space to use, and doesn’t filling it with bikes you’ll pull out twice a year and tools you’ll never use seem like a waste? There are lots of things you could be doing with that space, with a few enhancements and a severe clear-out you could have an extra room to what you wish with.

So, pull out those empty tins of paint, add some home amenities and take a look at our picks for the best ideas to use your garage for.

1. Cinema

The cinema is so expensive. And uncomfortable. And if you have to tell that stranger one more time to stop talking…!

More of us are opting to stream our movie going experience into our homes, where there is no judgement for wearing your jammies and you won’t miss anything if you need to go to the toilet.

With televisions getting as big as cinema screens nowadays, it’s an easy first step to creating your picture house experience, but some are even upgrading to projectors, which can hook up to your laptop and show whatever you can find online. The best part is garages are usually windowless, making a truly dark room to keep you engrossed.

Add a comfy sofa, some surround sound speakers and a popcorn machine and you’ve got the ultimate movie-loving experience.

2. Casino

Those of you missing the neon lights of Las Vegas or the nightlife of Blackpool can create your own Caesars Palace in your garage.

A couple of tables can have you playing NetBet blackjack, poker, or if you fork out for a wheel, roulette. You can either buy tables online or convert an old dining table with a roll of green felt, and a white marker. 

Have a device nearby if you fancy playing slots online and invite the guys round for some poker. But if you really want the Vegas experience you should invest in some Renaissance art and neon signs.

3. Gaming

You can incorporate a console into your cinema experience to create a great gaming experience. Play Mario Karts on a screen so big that it feels like you’re in the car. See the beauty of games like The Witness and The Witcher III on a screen that really deserves it.

Hook up your consoles to your television or projector and enjoy the space to rage quit if you need to, without waking anyone in the house. Or invite some friends to your abode for a few rounds of Street Fighter or That’s You.

4. Dancefloor or music studio

If someone in the house loves a Zumba class, you can take that one step further and turn your garage into a dance floor. Soften the floor with inexpensive vinyl floor tiles and invest in some soundproofing foam, and you’ll have the basics of a mini club.

Is your Mrs into salsa? Take a few lessons and spin the night away. Or has someone in the house embraced the cardio benefits of pole? It’s easy to install one in a room with a lot of space. Or does someone in the family play a musical instrument? Now Timmy’s drumkit can have its own room where he can practise without keeping you up all night.